Student Societies

The department supports two student organizations devoted to Fire Protection Engineering. These include:

Outstanding students in the program are eligible to join Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering honor society.

Society of Fire Protection Engineers

The University of Maryland Student Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers is one of two student chapters currently organized within the society. The objective of the organization is to "promote the art and science of Fire Protection Engineering and its allied fields, to maintain a high academic and ethical standing among its members, and to foster Fire Protection Engineering education." The Chapter strives to achieve these goals by sponsoring a variety of activities, including field trips to unique facilities, lectures by guest speakers on topics of relevant or special interest, and a number of social functions.

A monthly business meeting is held to keep members aware of current topics concerning the Chapter and the overall Society. Occasional activities are planned to bring students together to exchange ideas. The Chapter constantly strives to promote the Department of Fire Protection Engineering via communication with Society headquarters, representation at the monthly meetings of the local Chesapeake Chapter of SFPE, and establishment of displays at conferences.

Becoming a member of SFPE is now easier than ever. Click here to access the membership form.


The National Fire Protection Engineering Honor Society was founded in 1922 at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Dedicated to the promotion and recognition of scholarship, the promotion of original investigation, and the objectives of fraternal association within the profession, the Beta Chapter was initiated at the University of Maryland in 1967.

The Salamander Society provides for three classes of membership, consisting of active, alumni and honorary members. The active members are selected from the students enrolled in the Department of Fire Protection Engineering. These members automatically obtain alumni membership upon graduation. Honorary membership is bestowed on individuals who have distinguished themselves in the discipline of Fire Protection Engineering.

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Executive Board 2013-2014

  • President - Christine Pongratz
  • Vice President - Rosalie Wills
  • Secretary – Eli Horden
  • Treasurer – Philip Smith
  • Student Outreach Coordinator - Stephen Ernst
  • Faculty Advisor - Dr. Peter Sunderland

Current Members 2013-2014

  • Adam Boussouf
  • Brian Cohen
  • Stephen Ernst
  • Colleen Elizabeth Frances
  • Daniel Gorham
  • Raquel Hakes
  • Kevin Hall
  • Catherine (Cara) Hamel
  • Robert Hanson
  • Eli Horden
  • Zach Jeffrey
  • Shelley Jin
  • Stephen J. Jordan
  • Elizabeth Keller
  • Hyeon Kim
  • Chad Lannon
  • Andy Lee
  • Eric Link
  • Peter Lomax
  • Geraldine Martin
  • Conor McCoy
  • Taylor Myers
  • Eric Okurowski
  • Hidemi (Demi) Omori
  • Christine Pongratz
  • Derek Post
  • Sara Royle
  • Eric Ruppert
  • Jon Scheer
  • Philip Smith
  • Maria Theodori
  • James Turcotte
  • James White
  • Rosalie Wills

Salamander Scholarship Recipients 2013

  • Conor McCoy
  • Jonathan Kilpatrick
  • Geraldine Martin

Recent Honorary Members

  • Tom Brown: Fall ‘12
  • Dr. Stanislav Stoliarov: Fall ‘11


Fall 2012 Newts Salamander group
Fall 2012 Inductions: Initiated New Members (Newts) National’s Baseball Game Spring 2013