About FPE

The Department of Fire Protection Engineering was established within the Clark School of Engineering in 1956.

To date we offer the only fully ABET accredited undergraduate program and one of three graduate degree programs in the U.S. More than 1,100 graduates from the Department are now employed in industry, insurance companies, Federal, state or local government, military, and fire service. For additional information regarding our accredidation, please follow this link.

Presently, there are nine full-time faculty members in the Department. Our faculty are highly recognized in the profession, four being fellows in professional engineering societies and all being highly active in a broad range of professional organizations associated with fire safety. There are approximately 100 undergraduate students enrolled in the Department. We have approximately 40 master’s FPE students studying on-campus (either pursuing Masters of Science or Masters of Engineering degrees) and about 40 students enrolled in the graduate distance education program. Approximately 20 Ph.D. students are pursuing fire-related topics, while being advised by Department faculty members.

The rapid growth of science and technology are opening up vast new opportunities and demand for uniquely trained fire protection engineers. Therefore, we foster a sustained growth of our graduate program through increased opportunities in research for our students. In particular, we focus on recent advances in material testing practices, fire detection, performance-based design and modeling techniques to predict fire growth, smoke movement or the response of building systems in design and fire investigation applications.

Our laboratory facilities provide hands-on experience with "standardized" ASTM test procedures and permit the investigation of fire dynamics principles. Graduate and Undergraduate students alike use these facilities extensively.

To learn more about the study of Fire Protection Engineering, follow this link to an instructional video offered by Nicole Hollywood, Assistant Director of Student Services.

We are deeply grounded in the fire protection engineering profession while we are launching advanced research programs to meet the challenges of the future. We would like to share our unique heritage and our innovative research experiences with you. We welcome you to join us in these endeavors.